Born to be free

The whole world are going up in flames

Let it burn let it burn all the hate away

from the ashes it will rise a new day

As we scream inside we se the lie

they are willing to let us die

We are not seeing eye to eye

for the leaders of the world lead the blind

open your mind to recieve the truth

our lives matters but whats the use

when we are tied in chackles ,controlled and abused

Take a stand it is now or never

if you turn to the light and listen to the clever

you have a chance to breathe easy

let the this be the moment you finally see

that this world was made for our souls to roam

this is our heaven this is our home

wouldnt you love to tell your children

that we won the wars so they can

lie and watch the stars

with bright shining eyes in awe

over the most beautiful wonder ever made

our universe is limitless and so are we

the day we realise that we

are born to be free.

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