Strange Times

Calls for strange strategies? I didn’t really know if I wanted to even write one word about the totally bizzare time that we all are currently in.. But I cant pretend that it is not the reality , though I have really tried too.

Im not gonna get into my own personal beliefs about the covid-19 and also not about vaccines, wether I believe in taking it or not, nor about the politics or the governments overall handling of it.

What I will talk about is the psychological , emotional and spiritual aspect of it. The truth is that we are all affected by this , doesn’t matter where your from, your age, gender , religous beliefs or not, your living or work situation. It´s tempting to say that your financial situation matters either but that would be inaccurate.

Because the real deal is that the people now that has a safe and good finacial income or savings or whatever other arrangement that gives them stability, will feel more secure and stable in a different way than the people that now suddently find themselves floating in thin air, loss of a job, loss of a secure income which again leads to possible loss of housing in the worst cases and family conflicts.

We all know that maslows pyramid starts with the basic needs for a healthy living situation and that is the physical needs like food/water and, sleep ,fresh air and so on.

Right over this we have the safety needs which includes financial security, a roof over your head, family safety and safety for your own health now and in the future.

Well I dont know how you feel, but I think it is pretty clear to see that these things are pretty messed up for a lot of people on our planet now.

We are in fact deprevied of our very first need to live healthy, the right to breathe fresh air. And if that isnt bad and enough and utterly disturbing too, we are deprived of what many have discussed to actually be one of the very first things after breathing that should come first in maslows pyramide and that is human connection and love.

Yes, because even though maslows law is indeed valid in every way, many have come to the conclusion that human contact, love and care should be the corner stone of the whole pyramide.

And we can see why, I mean a new born baby is not likely to live very long without the mothers tender care and comfort. Or if not the mother at least another human that can provide this.

We are social beings, even if we are more on the introverted or extraverted spectrum we all want and feel the need for human connection. It is as natural for us as breathing and without it we are more or less lileky to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other health related problems.

And now it is taken away from us. We are divided in so many ways, not only by isolation and soscial distancing , but in our way of communicating with each other, by our beliefs about covid and spiritually.

It feels like a war, but more spiritually then physically. We get seperated by one of the biggest diseases that exists and that is fear.

Let me first say I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since this whole thing started. I have been in disbelief that such a thing could happen in our times of living but since the first lockdown started I have been opening my eyes more and more to the complexity of it all.

It may not be easy answers, but Im sure not gonna stop asking the questions. And Im hoping that the ones reading this will ask the questions too and not just surrender to the circumstances.

I have experienced being severly bullied , I have been mocked, ridiculed and seen hate in other peoples eyes more times than I should have had too, I have felt disconnected and alone from both sosciety and other people a lot in my life so maybe this isn’t as «new» to me or foreign as for some.

And perhaps that is a gift in a way, because I know how to deal with being alone, and Im not easily afraid or get hysterical in tough situations.

But after all the things I have lived through so far, I must say that I have never before seen so many people going up against each other as now. People are spewing hate and disrespect all over the place , but mostly online where they feel «hidden» behind the screen and in the comfort of their own home.

I am not exactly shocked, hence my own negative life experiences with people showing their ugly sides, nor am I very suprised that this situation would cause people to act out of caracther. But I am dissapointed, so much though that I reallly cant see how people can feel connected or want to look into each others eyes again.

Im no saint and believe me I have a temper and I have very low toleration for bullshit. But I have been brought up to show kindness, understanding and common decensy and respect for others.

can I say that I see a lot of these important traits going around lately. Nope, not much.

We dont have to agree, we dont even have to like each other or see the world through the same lenses because to be honest that is not possible, but can we please bring back a normal and healthy way of communicating? Can we bring back the respect?

Because without it we are like monkeys in a zoo fighting over the last banana basically. I will dare to say that at this point even monkeys behave better and show better communication skills and socially accepted behaviours.

I hope we can bring back the understanding, tolerance and patience for our fellow brothers and sisters of Gaia and hopefully blossom into an even better, more connected and caring community than ever seen before. This is my prayer for the human race and that The New World will emerge like a Pheonix from the ashes of the worst crise in the 21st century.

I pray that you dont loose hope, that you find new ways to thrive in dark and sometimes hopeless circumstances, that you get creative and find better solutions, that you accept that the old ways must die and crumble to give way for a totally new way of living.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going.. Think I have to listen to that gem of a song from Billy Ocean like right now!

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