I think a lot at the moment about what success means. Because we live in a society where it mostly seems like we judge each other by how successful one is. For me it is if I have a day I feel pretty good or in the absence of being depressed, it is if I feel happy something that unfortunately happens less often over the years. Before, I probably thought bigger about it, that I should achieve more, not necessarily on the material level, but on being able to realize myself creatively and achieve some ambitions and dreams. Lately, the dream seems more distant than ever and especially if I compare myself with those who «do well» that way from the standard of society at least. For another, success may seem like having a roof over your head on a cold winter night, it will be having made a makeshift shed out of a couple of cardboard boxes and having a sleeping bag e.g. If I compare myself with that page, I feel really good. So everything is relative, and what we measure up against can make a big difference in what we consider success. There are many levels of course, not just being at the very bottom or top of the ladder, but there is often what we measure ourselves against to see how we «should feel» in the big picture. Of course, I am grateful to have the privileges I actually have, at the same time I allow myself to want more. Trying to find the balance there and always keep in mind how lucky I am in terms of how one could have had it. In a way, I wish that success could be measured more in how we are towards each other, not in what we own, work with or how much is on the account. Then I think the self-realization bit would feel better, because it does not go to the detriment of losing oneself in the process of the ego that constantly cries out to be «seen as someone important» Because we are important and valuable as we are in ourselves. Should one believe .. 😉

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