A very welcomed blessing

The 26 of april I got a call from the previous owner of the chihuahua I adopted. From a lot of applications they had chosen mine and I was so happy.

I got to see him for the first time and I knew that he had found a forever home here with us.

The chihuahua is an old breed and originally descends from Mexican Toltec dogs living in the 800th. The breed has got it’s name from the city Chihuhua were they supposedly have originated from. It’s possible that it descends from ancestors living amongst the atzeeks. They saw the dog as holy and bringer of good luck and fortune.

He is a pure breed and a perfect size for a chi. He weighs 2 kg. His registrated name is Crunch Munch Apollon but I renamed him to Miko.

Life is better with a dog, I always loved this breed and they are very intelligent and sweet. Many people has gotten the impression that the Chi is aggressive dog but that depends on the owner a lot and how they handle this spesific race.

They are small so they can easily come with you just about anywhere, and most people dont mind you bring them into shops because they can lay on the arm or in a carry bag.

He already adds so much joy to my life and Im feeling very blessed to have a new chance at being a chi «mum».

Welcome to our family Miko, you will be so loved.

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