The whole world’s gone mad

And Im here for it, every damn thing. Every day Im feeling like Alice In Wonderland sinking deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

I start to see more and more why I as a kid (and adult) was so fascinated by that story. Because where Alice finds herself after following the rabbit and falling down , that is a place, a whole new world where nothing is what it seems and nothing is «normal»

So tell me please, what is normal? Does anyone really now? Isn’t normal just a label that we put on things that we have gotten used to by doing the same things over and over again? Isn’t it the routines that gives us a feeling of safety? The cup of coffee in the morning , the usual walk with our dog and the familiarity in the smiling face of your husband /kids or friends?

That job you been contemplating on leaving to follow your long lost dreams, but are too afraid to do because you don’t know if you have what it takes , or if you will be able to pay your bills, isn’t that also a part of keeping you cuddled up in a warm comforting blanket of normality and safety?

Nothing wrong in wanting to feel safe. At all. But, when your need to feel safe overtakes your ability to see when you might be trading in your empathetic heart, your intuitive intelligence, freedom and your own God given rights by blindly following rules given then it is something completely different.

And Alice she was suddenly confronted with a new place a new world where nothing appeared like it used to do. Everything was upside down and things didn’t look or feel familiar at all.

Well well well , aren’t we all presented to a similar situation these days ladies and gentlemen? Maybe that story isn’t so far fetched after all, I mean in just one year the world as we knew it has changed before our very eyes.

We may not see a caterpillar smoking a pipe, a talking cat or purple trees but someone has smoked something I’ll tell you because something doesn’t smell quite right.

And the smell I’m catching is the smell of F.E.A.R. witch often is described as Fear Everything and Run or.. False Evidence Appearing Real. Now I’m leaning a lot to the last description and I feel that more of us should be doing that too.

Instead a lot of our fellow humans start unravel their fear faces in an alarming , disturbing, potentially dangerous and may I say actually in quite dickheaded ways.

It’s not a good look. But the thing that is bothering me most about it is how openly and unapologetically they show this. F.eks when it comes to talk about the habbah jabba (aka vaccine) and they have had it , it is like they have bought their ticket to the heavens above and scored all the good girls and boys points they might didn’t get in youth school, but now all that is made up for of course because look at them now, the creme de la creme of society!

And the sad thing is that it is just a big pile of bullshit. Sorry to say it so bluntly if I catched some sensitive ears /eyes but it is. Who you think you doing this for? What society? We suck balls at that society thing already and the world as we know it was already fucked yearrrsss ago! And I feel really sorry for the people that really think that it will change the status quo.

Because we are in fact NOT IN THIS TOGETHER! We never was unfortunately I must say and the proof is out there for all of us to see. Let me give some examples : If your good neighbor that feels completely terrified of the virus was walking beside you in the street and someone shouted from across the street “ hey, the guy you are walking next to has the virus”!! They would be so full of fear and fright that if a bus came that very second they would rather throw you in front of it then taking a chance on catching it from you.

Sounds extreme? Wouldn’t do that you say? Well even if you would not do it so literally you kind of are in another way when you say “ oh, but of course I that have sacrificed so much for the sake of our system should be able to go wherever I want , eat in restaurants, go on holiday, shop at the malls and go to concerts with no second thought for my fellow humans that didn’t do exactly as me”!

You throw your neighbor under the bus because your neighbor saw things differently than you , and they didn’t follow the “normal” rules. So now you have bought your ticket to “a normal life” with your health and soul at risk but it is all good. Because now you have done what you should and who cares about us all being manipulated and peer pressured into submission by our government? Who cares that segregation is all up in this house already and that we are possibly looking at a totally new world that I promise you will make Alice in Wonderland look like a walk in the park in comparison because that world won’t be either colorful , filled with things that amaze you or gives you joy.

Rather it will be dark , grim, hostile, competitive like never before, separation amongst all and depressing AF. Racism isn’t dead. In fact it has come alive in a new dress, it is nothing less than another form of racism when you believe that you are entitled to have more rights than another who didn’t do as you did.

So where are we..? Ah yes, nothing is normal anymore. Good. The way the old normal was functioning wasn’t really functioning optimal anyway, and we should not fear changes. Instead we must embrace it with both hands because changes is inevitable. But what changes do we want? The kind that loves and not hates? The kind that creates unity and not separation? The kind that stands up to the elite that lies to us and say “Enough, no more!” No more submission, no more risking our lives with experimental shots, no more telling us where we can go and what we can do” And most importantly say no more to the fear tactics that now has gotten a whole world and it’s inhabitants up against each other to create chaos and spiritual warfare.

Alice said to the Mad Hatter “ Have I gone mad”? I’m afraid so. Your entirely Bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, All the best people are.”

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