We used to be Sweet

We make pancakes to our loved ones with chocolate topping shaped like a heart. We write small love notes to hang on the bath room mirror. We hold the door for the old lady with grocery bags. We eat dinner with candles lit. We have magnets on our fridge in bright colors. We go to the movies with popcorn trying not to chew too loud and we do all these little things that makes life so sweet.

We don’t have time for heart shaped breakfasts anymore cause we are too stressed out, we stopped writing love notes cause maybe it’s just dumb and we don’t hold the door open because the old lady looks at you with eyes halfway hidden behind a mask afraid if you step to close.

Now we cross the street to avoid each other, we get suspicious looks in the grocery store for standing less than a meter apart, we argue and spew hate online, we are divided and we are on our way fast forward to loose those little things that makes us human.

We used to be sweet. We used to care more. We used to live more, we used to love. What happened?

Do we even stop to ask ourselves? Do we take a deep breath and remember that life is happening right now? Can we slow down? Can we take a minute extra in the morning and make those silly heart shapes for our kids or write that quirky little love note that you know your husband will smile at? Can we hold the door open?

Can we bring back words of encouragement and hope? Can we bring back the sweetness? Before it’s to late…

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