Endings and Beginnings

As I’ve decided to take the leap into total sobriety it was such a surprise to see that so many others were taking that same path and to witness a blooming sober society. I had contemplated doing this years ago but something always got in the way, (alkohol, duh) As I finally made the decision to take the bull by the horns and do the damn thing (that I knew I was ripe for long ago)I realized that Im not alone, at all.. I may have felt like it because any kind of addiction (small or big) to something outside of yourself will come with a sense of shame. And the shame game is an evil circle that will repeat itself until the day you say ,uh uh , not anymore, I was done playing and I was ready to be the real me and be my total authentic self without the unstable crutches of any substances. As I am clearing up my vision from years of being under the fog I realized that a lot of people seem to be ready for that at the same time, and it makes me Wonder if maybe the revealing and weird times we are in shares a connection to crave authenticity , visibility and honesty on all levels like the world never seen before. And as we know, what we want to see we have to first be. when the cycle is ended it really is Ended and as karma has taken it’s last round we smack that bitch up once and for all. When the Lesson is finally learned the bridge is also burned. I can say that a long and rocky chapter of my life is officially over and I have no longer any interest in looking back (other then to share my own experiences) as my future is way more exciting . Hello there 2022, you’re full of surprises aren’t you.
(Little fun fact: this photo I remember when I took and the way I felt because it was back in 2013 when I first really started to contemplate if I wanted to drink anymore and the date is as you can see 31 of march 2013 which in numerology deducts to 10 which again becomes 1. That means start, beginning of something etc. my sober date is officially 03.12.2021 which deducts to fist an 11 “the portal” , Pilar’s or entry point and deducts til a 2 which for me bears the meaning of “second chance” , the “next chapter” to be continued..

What once lurked in the shadows will come to light
For what light shines on can no longer hide
The rays of truth will burn the lie as what once was true has come to die

(Poem by me)

2 kommentarer om “Endings and Beginnings

  1. Your words connect on quite a few levels. It’s never easy to forge a new path that steers clear of an addiction. Especially when it comes to alcohol. Mostly because its use is wider spread and such an every day thing that most give much thought to. Of course it turns out as you pointed out that quite a few people desire to embark on an alcohol free journey. Thank you for sharing this. It’s powerful. I wish for your journey to be exciting, beautiful, and successful.


    1. Thank you! That is true, it can be very difficult to forge a new path when your life is lived in one particular way for a long time! Sometimes the change is just a blink away and closer then we think if we dare to let go of our old ways for the next step to arrive. It takes some surrendering and faith too 🙂 I appreciate you took the time to comment and that my words connected🙏🏼


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