Hi! Im a spiritual gangster from a galaxy far far away currently stranded on planet earth. Im making my time her the best it can be by making some waves and stirring the pot to my best ability.

And Im doing this by following my passions which amongst many are writing, painting, singing and now sharing my life lessons to anyone who wants to hear me. I love to dance too and the best way to do it is as you all know «like no ones watching».. Music is essential to me and it keeps on enriching my life. Im an educated makeup artist from the time when they actually went to class to learn a trade and get a diploma which means Im ancient.. I have a real affinity for horror movies, thrillers and all things supernatural, documentaries and everything that’s based on real life. Im also a tad obsessed about memes and it keeps my cold coal heart pumping 🖤

The less exciting version is : Im overcoming years of trauma and I have an autoimmune disease because of years in a state of fight or flight with basically means Im dead tired 24/7, accompanied with some PSTD, depression the accessional anxiety and all that jazz..

But always look on the bright side of life huh? Im trying too, not easy with so much extra stuff to carry around but I guess we all have some heavy things in our back packs right?